Located some seven miles from the county town of Buckingham, we are a small rural Parish comprising of the communities of Charndon, ‘School Hill’ and ‘Old’ Calvert.

This website is brought to you by your Parish Council.           

As a community website, it is intended to be informative, inclusive and transparent.  We want this site and its supporting social media pages to serve as a focal point for community matters, issues and concerns – large or small.  Your views, opinion and comments should and must shape our decisions, direction and strategy.  We aim to use technology to support us in this vision and to remove old world bureaucratic process.

The site will continue to be improved and developed. Your Councillors will endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is both relevant and up to date in a landscape of the significant challenges that North Buckingham faces.

The Parish of Charndon encompasses the communities of Charndon, School Hill and ‘Old’ Calvert. Our council has close relationships with:

  • Buckingham County Council
  • Aylesbury Vale District Council
  • The local Police force
  • The Calvert landfill operators
  • Adjacent Parish Councils
  • Our local and district councillors
  • Our Member of Parliament

Charndon Parish has been recognized as being a very active council and community have been involved in a number of initiatives associated with major local issues. Our involvement has led to changes in local authority policies to the benefit of our community. We continue to provide and maintain local amenities including our community centres, public areas and play facilities.

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