Charndon Queen Elizabeth Jubilee II Garden

Calvert Eco Garden

‘Old Calvert’ is part of Charndon Parish within Buckinghamshire, heavily impacted by the building of the HS2 network.  The parish council own a piece of land accessed via the Bridleway at the back of Werner Terrace and Brackley Lane.  Whilst the grass area has always been maintained, the surroundings have been left to grow and the area never really used by the residents.

In 2020, the residents were asked what they wanted to do with the land. Most residents wanted a safe area for young children to play, along with an eco-area to hopefully provide a new and safe habitat for wildlife that have been pushed out and disrupted by HS2.  A bid was submitted to the HS2 Environmental Mitigation Fund and having been deemed suitable, work soon began!

Now complete, both the Play Park and the Eco Garden have been gratefully received by residents, local visitors to the area and wildlife.

The Eco Garden has blossomed as the months pass by and with the ever-changing climate.  This area has been constructed using the HS2 fund and maintained and expanded by the residents of Old Calvert.  Having this area has really brought the community together and during the pandemic, we held litter picking and socially distanced planting sessions. Digging has also led us to rediscover the history of the Calvert Brickworks, unearthing old bricks and crockery (and even part of the historic children’s playground!). A local resident and his son have provided a number of bird tables and a bench.  Local charity ‘Men in Sheds’ have provided a number of bird and bat boxes and other residents and family members have provided plants, planters and bird feeders that are dotted around.  We have seen a huge increase in wildlife to the area, including a family of Muntjacs, pheasants, several species of birds, baby hedgehogs, a swarm of honeybees and lots of bats! And that is just what we get to see!

Despite all the hustle and bustle, machinery and constant traffic, we really do have our own little haven now and it is so lovely to be able to give back to the residents and wildlife.  We also received recognition after entering the Wild Aylesbury Vale Competition.  We are extremely grateful that the Environmental Mitigation Fund gave us the opportunity to build this area