We want to hear your views on our draft Charitable Collections Policy for Buckinghamshire Council.

As the Licensing Authority, we regulate:

  • house to house collections – collection of money or goods from someone’s home for charity
  • street collections – collection of money or selling articles for charity in any street or public place (such as a shop doorway or car park)

There is no fee for a house to house collection licence or street collection permit but you could be fined if you collect without a licence or permit.

Draft Buckinghamshire Council Charitable Collections Policy
The draft policy sets out:

  • the legal requirements
  • the application process
  • our approach to preventing nuisance to residents and businesses in Buckinghamshire
  • our approach to enforcing unlicensed activities

The draft policy aims to ensure that:

  • the interests of public donors and beneficiaries are safeguarded
  • collections are carried out to high standards by bona fide, authorised charitable organisations
  • proceeds of the collection are properly accounted for
  • a fair proportion of the proceeds are donated to registered charities
  • unacceptable nuisance to the public is prevented
  • unlicensed collections are prevented from taking place
  • action is taken where there is evidence of unlicensed collection activity

The policy will cover the Buckinghamshire Council area. It will replace any charitable collections policies from the previous district councils.

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