We’re investing in your local water network

We wrote to you in February to let you know about a project to replace 1.5km of water pipes in your area.

We planned to start this project in March, but due to challenges we’re facing with construction resources, and the need to prioritise sending our teams to work which addresses urgent customer issues such as flooding and interruptions to supply, we’ve had to delay our start date until 17 April 2023. We now expect to finish the project in August 2023, but as with any engineering scheme there is always the potential for unforeseen delays.

Location Type Timescales
School Hill Road junction – Three-way traffic lights – 17 April to 05 May 2023
School Hill Road – Two-way traffic lights – 17 April to 05 May 2023
Main Street – Road closure – 09 May to 30 June 2023

Traffic management
While we aim to reduce disruption to pedestrians and traffic as much as we can, our top priority will always be the safety of our staff and the public. This means we will need the following traffic management in place.

Access will always be maintained for residents who live within our closure from one direction or the other. We have notified the school buses about our work and will allow them access through the closure.

How can you find out more and get in touch?
You can find information and see any updates by visiting our webpage at anglianwaterproject.com/Charndon. You can also email us on onealliancecustomers@anglianwater.co.uk or call us on 03457 145 145 with any questions.

Download Letter from Anglian Water Here

Download Diversion and Road Closure Map Here

Download Pipeline Route Here